20 Unbelievably Funny Wedding Photos. These Are Some Of The Craziest Ways EVER to Capture The Spirit of Happy Marital Bliss. #15 Is Completely Hilarious!

May 12, 2014

For a couple, a wedding is a special time of happiness and celebration, of joy and affection, of love and devotion - but it is also a good time to laugh together as well. Although not all couples who walk down the aisle appreciate having wild moments that will get captured on camera for generations to come, some couples really go all the way in making sure that their first photographs together as newlyweds will be something truly memorable and also hysterically funny as well. The couples below definitely know how to have a good time at their own wedding celebration but are also very determined to get a good laugh out of the big day as well.

1. Better not look now, cause this may get a little crazy...

2. My darling, I've had almost about enough of this...

3. Nothing says "I Do" better than an extreme downhill mountain bike race dressed in a tuxedo and wedding dress.

4. And the newlywed couple is going, going, going... GONE!

5. The newly married bride drinking the groom and his friends under, over and all over the table.

6. Look out! The mother-in-law is coming!!

7. It is just sooooooo beautiful!

8. The natural evolution of life as illustrated by the groom and his neanderthal groomsmen.

9. The bride definitely looks like she has done that before.

10. A couple of matching crazies apparently made in heaven.

11. The best man photobombing the wedding photos dressed in nothing but a... well basically dressed in nothing at all.

12. Caution: Wide Load Ahead

13. If you are a man, the idea of finally getting married is always pretty much of a shock. The picture of the startled stallions below pretty much says it all.

14. Uh oh! It seems like someone added a little extra breast enlargment to the bride on the cake and it appears that the bride may have just noticed.

15. It is always good to have a wife who is handy with tools, especially when you need to get your flat tire changed quickly and you really don't FEEL like changing it.

16. It appears that the groom is Superman, the best man is Batman and all of the groom's men are super heroes. The women however, all seem to have their eyes fixated on someone else. Maybe it's Brad Pitt?

17. A common case of cold feet for the groom at the very last moment... I am not going and you CAN'T make me go!

18. I believe I can fly... or at least freefall.

19. Always good to be cautious and careful when carrying the wedding cake. "Houston, we've got a problem..."

20. One of the crazier wedding guests photobombing the happy couple. Say CHEESE!

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