A Date with Mr. Gadget

Not what she thought..




You know that moment when your date looks you straight in the eye and asks…


“Windows Vista or Mac?”


You tell him you’re a Mac user, and he immediately thinks out loud. “Oh, my God, I love you”, he blurts. The way he says it isn’t creepy. The way he takes a picture of you right away is. “You look amazing”, he tells you.


“With the filters I’m using”, he quickly adds, still holding his smartphone.


He asks if you’d mind if he posted a picture of you on Twitter, and takes another one as you look for a nice way to say no. “It’s OK”, he answers himself, “I already put like 30 up there”.


He signals you to come closer across the table, and shares his earphones with you. He says the loud music you hear is a song he made for you today with his garage band… before you ever met. Then he calls someone and tells him that you totally loved the song, but he gets interrupted by another call from someone else who wants to know if you loved the song.


You try to salvage the date, so you ask him about his hobbies. Well, he edits Wikipedia because, he says, “there’s a lot of stuff that’s wrong out there”.


Then he talks to someone on his earphones again.


Apparently, someone is listening in on your date.


“Well, yeah, there’s no way he can live blog this date unless he’s actually hearing what we’re saying right now”, he explains, but asks you not to worry about it.


His phone rings again. The live blogger can’t hear you. From now on, you’ll need to talk directly to your date’s phone.


So you make the smartest decision you can. “This date is over”, you tell him – and walk away for good. He keeps reporting to the live blogger.



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