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        A male dog can breed after completion of one year. This is the best time for them to breed because at this time they attain their puberty. They can go mad if they are not releas...
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        A Goldfish is one of the earliest types of fish which is most popular in ponds and aquariums. It was founded in China around thousand years ago. Their average life span is not m...
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        It depends on the cat's nutrition and care. If we take good care of a cat then she can live for 20-30 years, but the average life span of a cat is 15 years. It also depends on t...
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        Surprisingly the animals which are small in size can eat more than their body weight compared to the larger animals. For example a mouse can be seen eating most of the times, th...
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        "Fur Seals" are considered as the most hairy animal in the world. They are the one of "Pinnipeds" species among all nine species. They have approximately 70,000 hairs per square...