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DMCA Policy

Following is eAnswers copyright policy, which aims to implement the 1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Please scroll to the bottom of this page for our contact information.

How to Report Copyright Infringement

If you’re concerned about a possible violation of your intellectual property, please provide us with the following so that we can take care of the situation as fast as possible:
1) A clear statement that explains that you think the use of certain material on eAnswers.net infringes your rights, and an explanation why.
2) Let us know what content on our site you think infringes your rights. Please tell us know exactly where you found it on our site (send us a link and even direct us to a certain paragraph), so that we’ll be able to find it among the site’s many pages.
3) Your signature or the signature of someone who is authorized to act on your behalf. An electronic signature works too.
4) Include your contact information - email address, phone number and postal address.
5) If you are not the person whose rights have allegedly been infringed, please provide us with legal documentation that proves you are authorized to make claims on this person or entity’s behalf.

How We Handle Copyright Infringement Reports

Once you’ve provided us all the above information to help us help you, here’s what we aim to do:
1) Remove the material that infringes your rights, or disable site visitors access to it.
2) Notify the person or entity who posted or provided the material that the content has been removed or disabled due to copyright infringement.
3) Suspend members or cease business collaborations with sources whose work results in multiple copyright infringement complaints.

Our Counter-Notice

After taking the above steps, we’ll start the following process to provide you with a counter-notice when necessary:
1) A signature of the member or content provider of said material. This might be an electronic signature.
2) A statement that we’ve removed said material or have blocked visitors access to it, or that we will do so within 10 business days.

Contact Information

To contact us, please email us at support@eanswers.net or write to:
9450 SW Gemini Dr. #32118
Beaverton, OR 97008