Momir Bojic came to the conclusion that he wanted to try something really different with his Volkswagen Beetle and decided to completely custom design it – using attractive shingles made from polished oak wood. After using more than 50,000 pieces to totally cover the classic automobile from front to back, the completed design looks completely original and now creates a lot of attention for the retired Bosnian man every time he takes his car out for a ride. You have to see this automobile up-close to really appreciate how awesome it is so take a look below and prepare to enjoy yourself! Here’s how one man made his classic car even better.

When you have got a car that looks this cool you will want to keep it very clean, and if your car needs some shine you just add another coat of wood varnish.

The talented custom designer and owner Momir Bojic taking his car out for a spin. Take a look at some off the wooden accessories here! Oak windshield wipers, oak framed rear-view mirrors and a wooden oak covered radio antenna.

Owning an eye-catching car like this is sure way to generate a lot of attention everyday you take it out for a drive.

Forget about chrome polished wheel rims, this guy went with a solid oak finish and it looks really unbelievable.

That is the look of a man who has taken a collector’s item and done something REALLY unique with it!

He even didn’t forget to re-do the the classic Volkswagen logo in a solid oak design.

Take a look at the wooden finish up close and check out those awesome looking custom-designed rear light covers.

Looking sharp in his oak wood paneled baseball hat, especially made to match the wooden finish on his car.

Going for the complete bumper to bumper wooden oak finish, this guy really gave a striking twist to his classic automobile and succeeded in making something good even just a little bit better.

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H/T: Neatorama via: Trendhunter