What are the things one should not do after Breakup?

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    Feeling depressed and alone are two most common thing that happens to an individual after breakup and usually people start affecting their lives badly. There are few things that one must not do after s breakup:-
    >> Change your relationship status on Facebook immediately.
    >> You should not go on a trip to change your mood immediately after the breakup. (This will only act as a distraction from breakup scene, but you will not be able to enjoy the trip)
    >> Bad Mouth about Your Ex, this is one of the worst things that you must not do.
    >> Start doing too much of shopping.
    >> You should not start dating someone else immediately, give yourself some time to heal.
    >> Never lock yourself into an isolated like environment.
    >> Don't refuse to accept what has happened, you must let it Go.
    >> Do not put blame others for everything, whatever happened.
    >> Never Put yourself into drinking and Smoking.
    >> Do not let yourself heal from the emotional damage which you have got.

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