What are the things we should never put on our resume?

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    As we all know that our resume is very important once we are out for a job interview, it gives our first impression to the hiring manager. There are few things which you should never put on your resume.
    >> Get rid of the objective, If you applied, it's already obvious you want the job.
    >> Remove all the irrelevant work experiences.
    >> Take a pass on the personal stuff like, marital status, religious preference and social security numbers.
    >> Don't let your resume exceed one page or maximum Two.
    >> Don't list your hobbies, not too many.
    >> Don't write your resume in the third person.
    >> Don't include a less than the professional email account. If you don't have then make a new one. It takes minutes and it's free.
    >> Don't include your current business contact info.

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