This tree used to be great to climb on years ago, and the photographer of these pictures used to enjoy climbing it often in his parents backyard when he was a kid. Years later after it had become cracked, the tree had been cut back to avoid any potential danger and left as it was in the yard. After the family considered having it removed for a few hundred dollars, it was decided instead to invest some money on the eyesore and turn a local chainsaw artist named Steve Kenzora loose on it while they were away on vacation.

The professional woodcarver didn’t just make something nice, he turned this old wood stump into one of the most eye-catching sculptures in the area. The photographer who took the images of this tree behind his parents house related that when it was finished “every car that drove by would slow down or stop completely. It was the talk of the neighbourhood and I think it was on a chainsaw art tour map at one point”.  There is no doubt the beautiful work that this talented chainsaw artist created is completely breath-taking and definitely something you would never believe.

This old stump sure didn’t look like much when it first started out…


Once this project was complete however, the final result was totally spectacular!

Take a look at the intricate wooden carving on this dragon.

It even includes a towering brick tower and a mythical warrior.

Would you have believed the epic scene that this talented chainsaw artist could create from an old tree stump?

Here are some more of this amazing woodworker’s mythical designs.

Another close-up of some of Steve Kenzora’s splendid wooden artwork.

This guy makes some really unbelievable carvings out of wood!

Another eye-catching sculpture, this one is an 11 foot statue shown here in the artist’s own backyard.

To see more creative designs from this world class chainsaw artist, take a look at the video below.

H/T: Viral Nova  via: Reddit source: Imgur  Steve Kenzora

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