All of the junk food prevalent in restaurants and grocery stores makes it hard for folks to stay physically fit. If you are looking for ways to improve your physique, there are applications that can help.

Look to these ten dynamic programs for assistance with your workouts, and get ready to enhance your health.



Getting in shape is a process that requires sacrifice and determination. For those looking for motivation, Fitocracy helps you monitor your progress with level-ups and other fun tracking features. You also have access to fitness resources that are useful in optimizing routines.

Dueling friends and pushing yourself to meet or exceed your goals is not only fun, but healthy too. There is even a robot named Fred available to provide assistance in making things more entertaining.


iMuscle 2

Bulking-up in the gym lifting weights in one way to stay healthy and hone your physique. The iMuscle 2 app allows you to build workouts and read about exercises that you can incorporate into routines.

Whether it is learning about the various kinds of bench press workouts or leg lifts, you have access to the information needed to build muscle mass. This is ideal both for those that are familiar with a lot of different exercises and for those that do not have much experience in the gym.



Glooko is designed to help those with diabetes track their blood sugar and learn about their condition. Diabetes requires constant vigilance, which means steady workout routines and specialized nutrition plans.

Analytical tools and treatment information enable diabetics to live happier and more productive lives. If you have this condition, this app is a good pick and will allow you and your physician to keep your blood sugar in-check.


Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is a one-stop-shop for those looking for workout support. You have access to over one hundred workout routines, trainer guidance and social media allowing you to share fitness updates with friends.

Lots of professional athletes, including Serena Williams, use the app and post regularly to their social media accounts. This is one of the best-rounded support systems to help you stay healthy.



Running is an activity that is all about distance and intensity. For those looking to top their personal best and make headway on preparation for a 5K, Mapmyrun is an ideal solution. You are able to track your location via GPS and measure the distance you’ve covered accurately.

It is tough to map your progress if you are maneuvering on city streets. Having a GPS capable app is perfect for those that have non-linear distances to cover.



Tracking your workout routine is something that encourages athletic improvement. Endomodo allows you to chart your sports activities accurately, and you are also able to share your stats with friends making it easier to compete, socialize and have fun while shedding pounds and toning-up.

The app has tabular and graphic displays, making it possible to interpret data and make changes to your routines. Optimizing sports activities just got simpler.


Mayo Clinic Mobile App

As one of the world’s most respected healthcare institutions, the Mayo Clinic is a primary source for valuable insight into healthy living. The Mayo Clinic Mobile App allows you to track health news, hospital updates and appointment information. You even have access to your medical records via a secure web link.

This app and those like it from other institutions keep you on-top of your physical well-being and make seeing a physician an easier process.


WebMD Mobile App

If you are looking for general health-related information and news, the WebMD Mobile App is full of helpful features. Slide shows, articles and topic searches help you stay in the know about issues pertinent to your health.

For those looking to stay fit need to have access to a steady stream of information that is not only reputable but also simple to understand, WebMD breaks data down in a way that is easy to digest.


6 Pack Promise Plus

Who doesn’t want six-pack abs? 6 Pack Promise Plus helps deliver favorable results in the gym with unique workouts designed to build and shape your abs. Select from a variety of exercises, and get ready to impress bystanders with your new aesthetic.

The workout shuffle allows you to change-up your routine, and competitive features motivate you to achieve your goals. Mid-sections are no match for this app’s exercises and tracking modules.


Sleep Cycle

It is important to get enough sleep to remain alert and keep the pounds off. Stress and sleep deprivation have a negative impact on your general well-being making it important to monitor your nighttime patterns.

Sleep Cycle has a bio-alarm clock that monitors the different phases of the sleep cycle. This dynamic app is fun and helps you optimize your rest periods, which is ideal for those struggling with their energy levels and alertness during the day.

Staying physically fit in a world full of temptations is tough for everyone. If you are looking to make improvements to your health, these ten apps have the power to help you succeed.


What apps help you stay healthy?