These innovative packaging ideas are totally unique and especially designed to inspire the consumer as well as intigue a potential buyer. Most of these unusually creative product concepts are pretty amazing actually…

1. Couleur Nouveau Wine

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This unique concept in wine storage was developed in order to celebrate a line new of red wines from the French region of Beaujolais. The container even features a handy color chart “letting the drinker know how many glasses of wine it might take to paint your teeth various shades of purple”. Ready to do some painting anyone?

2. Happy Eggs


This eye-catching design is by Maja Szczypek from Warsaw whose unique eco-friendly concept of packaging eggs in boxes of hay reached the finals of the 2013 Make Me! design competition.

3. Coca-Cola Sharing Can


This 12 oz. can of Coca-Cola at first looks completely normal enough until the package is separated to reveal 2 – 6 oz. cans, one for you and the other to share or save until another time. This unusual packaging is currently in use but unfortunately for Coca-Cola lovers, available for sale only in Singapore.

4. Bzzz Armenian Honey


Constructed from wood with an eye-friendly ecological design and built to resemble the shape of a real bee hive, only without the stinging bees and containing a large pot of honey inside. Winnie-the-Pooh would definitely love this honey packaging!

5. Spine Vodka Bottle

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Created by the German designer Johannes Schulz in order to give the bottle a strikingly original look, the concept is meant to visualize the idea that the vodka inside has a real “backbone” that users can trust. Get it? Backbone?!

6. Fit Buns Bread

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This intriguing design for the package of high protein buns was apparently successful enough to generate a 25% boost in the the fitness center’s clients. The view seems to hint at a 6-pack of amazing abs under a lifted shirt but the “Fit Buns” also seem to resemble a view of some buns peeking out from behind.

7. The Hang Of It Paper Bag


Featuring an award winning design by Aliki Rovithi, these shopping bags include detachable hangers so you never have to look for another hanger again. These bags were also designed to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle that encourages buyers to avoid plastic hangers and urges consumers to “concern themselves with the state of the environment”.

8. Here! Sod T-Shirt


These T-shirts not only have design packaging that looks like foods from the supermarket, they also have the food printed on the shirt itself. Are you looking for a truly original piece of clothing? Go pick yourself up one of these “Chinese Cabbage” T-shirts and you will really stand out in the crowd…

9. Bla-bla Cookies


Dreamed up by some apparently hungry students from the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow, these original cookie boxes feature different faces for the different flavors and include an opening in the package right where the mouth is so you can easily get to the cookies inside. Mmmm… cookies!

10. Lee Skinny Jeans


This unusual packaging for Lee Jeans takes skinny to the next level and displays the popular “Skinny Jeans” in an even skinnier package design. What do you think, a unique and ground-breakingly original concept, or just kind of…weird?

11. Frusion Fruit


Does regular fruit look just a little too plain next to all of the brightly colored packages of processed fruits and juices in the supermarket? This eye-catching design for ‘Fresh fruits on the go’ may be just the kind of attractive packaging necessary in order to finally convince buyers that real fruit can actually look totally cool and also be good for you as well.

12. BANDiful Bandages


Have you ever cut your finger and after finally finding a band-aid and struggling to open the bandage wrapper, attempted to awkwardly apply it with only one hand? This handy lifehacks design concept has got it all figured out and includes a unique display package and an easy-to-use application method. Looks pretty ingenious actually!

13. Zippo Fragrances



Enclosed within a classic Zippo lighter design, this attractive package promises a unique and refreshing fragrance. Let’s just hope that is doesn’t smell anything like lighter fluid.

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