Excess heat can be a menace in any household. If you want to be comfortable in your home, you certainly have to keep these high temperatures at bay. The following are useful tips that will help you go through hot summers without necessarily using an air conditioner.

The best part is that these simple tips will cost very little or be available absolutely for free.

Insulate Your Home or Premise

A house that has been insulated will keep high temperature out of the house during hot seasons. The best part is that there are quite a number of insulation options that you can choose from, depending largely on what you want and on the cost.

Additionally, plant trees near your home. Leafy trees can actually shade your yard or home and keep everything considerably cooler. If you cannot plant trees around the house, put up some overhead trellis and grow grape pines on them.

You can also take shades from porches and awnings. The best way you can pull this off is by building summer porches on the shady side of the house. Moreover, the west and southern sides will be the hottest. They will definitely need some shades. So ensure you plan the location of exterior doors and windows in your home.

Take Full Advantage of Water

This might sound ineffective, but it sure does help. Fill containers with water and soak your feet when the temperature goes up. Additionally, wet bandanas and towels can also be very helpful when placed on shoulders. Ensure you also take a cool shower. Always use the cooling power of water.

Dress Appropriately

During hot summers, there are quite a number of strategies that you can use when dressing for heat. However, it depends largely on the situation you are in. You can go without clothes if it’s appropriate for the situation. This can be one of the best and most natural ways to stay cool. Additionally, summer clothing can also do the trick. When temperatures shoot up, put on loosely-woven and natural fabrics.

Close Your Blinds and Curtains

Shutting your curtains and blinds during daytime can also help you go through summer without an air conditioner. You can do this until night falls, then open them again. Lockable exterior doors can also help you greatly.

Also, use smooth and white fabrics to cover anything in your home that is fuzzy. Ideally, you can cover your corduroy pillows with any white satin pillow case during summer. You can also throw white sheets over your home furniture.

Get Rid of Any Extra Sources of Heat in Your Home
Incandescent lighting bulbs can generate a lot of heat. Get rid of these and ensure you get light bulbs that do not generate extra heat. Additionally, do not let machines, such as computer, run if you are not using them.

Appropriate Diet

Ideally, what you eat or drink will play a key role in how you cool yourself during summer. You can spend extra dollars and stock yourself with ice treats. Additionally, chopped fruits can be great. Take plenty of watermelon, lemon, and even pineapples. Cooling down can be a tasty experience too.
It is not a coincidence that people in hot regions eat a lot of spicy food. Practically, spicy food increases perspiration and will cool the body when it evaporates. During summer, avoid foods that are rich in protein. Such foods can increase metabolic heat, thus warming the body. Also, eat fresh foods. This can be quite helpful, for you will not be need to use warm stoves or oven to prepare them.

Cool Yourself

What many people do not know is that you can also cool yourself by doing a few things. For example, sit still. When temperature starts to go up do not try to fan yourself. This is because if you move from one place to another, you will feel hotter. Sitting in the shade can also help you cool yourself.

Always find a shaded area or sit under a tree. You can sit there and let the mist cool you off. Simply rest, and wait until the evening comes to engage in any vigorous activities.

With the above tips, you will surely go through the summer heat without necessarily putting an air conditioning system in place. Try the simple tips above and you’ll be surprised at how you’ll be able to beat the summer heat.

Know other tips for surviving summer heat without an air conditioner? Share them in the comments.