It is the wish of every person to have a happy and successful life. There is a common belief that people were meant to enjoy what the world has to offer. However, circumstances do exist that may limit utmost comfort and peace of mind.

People react differently to difficult circumstances. Those with a weak heart may end up losing hope, thus engaging in wasteful activities to escape from the harsh reality of life. Those with patience and determination will be able to overcome the prevailing challenges. As a result, their previous happy lifestyle will be restored. This requires a lot of willpower.

Willpower simply refers to the natural strength to take control of thoughts and the way one behaves. It is the driving force that leads to a life of honor and dignity. Without willpower, you may find it difficult performing even simple tasks that are beneficial to you.


Abandon the Past

It is important that you identify what is causing pain or suffering in your life. Once this is done, you can embark on the next phase. This entails coming up with a workable formula that is easy to implement. Never let the ugly past be a hindrance to your success. Forget all the bad experiences you had and focus your strength.

Similarly, be ready to let go of the bad company that you associated with. Be ready to withstand their criticism and abuse. Just pay little attention and they will leave you alone.

Implementation is dependent on self control. This is what will restrain you from going back to your previous unpleasant addiction. By embracing self control, you will not only discard the limiting factor, but also realize your unexploited potential.


Set Realistic Goals

When you have willpower, the desire to succeed also crops up. You will be able to overcome disappointment and hopelessness by setting realistic goals. You will need to achieve these goals within a given period of time.

Again, knowing very well that you stand to lead a good life, you will do everything possible to avoid distraction. It is advisable that you stay away from friends with pessimistic thoughts, because negative thoughts contribute greatly to loss of focus.


Think Positively

Start speaking positively about yourself. See yourself as a successful person. In most cases, you become what you think you are. It is this positive thought that will always remind you of the desire to achieve and become great.

It is advisable that you read plenty of motivational articles. These are known to influence your thoughts in a positive way.


Develop Patience

Patience is a virtue that leads to marvelous deeds in life. Once you learn to be patient, you will be able to see challenges as opportunities and learn from them. Challenges should always catapult you to the next level of success. It is important for you to realize that good things in life require ultimate sacrifice. So keep on trying. Adopt the mentality that nothing is permanent. Indeed, you should keep this in your heart so as to re-energize yourself when you’re close to giving up.


Share Your Experience

It is widely believed that a problem shared is halfway solved. Discuss your challenge with people who have been through the same experience and later made it in life. They are helpful when it comes to building confidence and charting direction. As a result, you will decide to follow the best direction that leads to success and great achievements.

“If she made it, why not me?” This is a significant statement. It enriches your desire to move on and enjoy the good side of life.


Subscribe to Some Form of Worship…

This is a very important aspect of life. This is because you will have faith that there is a supreme being over you who controls the activities in your life. You will base your strength on Him. It is known that religion offers solace when things are hard. This way, it will be very difficult for you to lose direction.


… but Stay Accountable to Your Own Actions

It is important that you become responsible for every outcome of your actions. This is helpful in avoiding blame games, hence minimizing collision with colleagues. This will be careful when doing your work so that you achieve the best results.


Avoid Self Pity

Consider yourself a highly gifted person with a wonderful life to live. Try not to succumb to the effects of self pity. It is known to trigger feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability. Develop a mentality that it is through sheer hard work that good things in life will come to you.

Above all, life is precious and you must do everything possible to realize your true purpose in it.


How do you get or stay motivated?