Everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle and be free of diseases. Unfortunately, due to the dictates of nature, diseases have become part of our day-to-day life.

Different forms of treatment are administered depending on the diagnosis obtained by the medical expert. One such kind of treatment that has been in practice for several centuries is reflexology.

Reflexology refers to the continuous application of pressure to the feet, hand and ears with the cardinal objective of mitigating pain. It is a form of treatment that has been embraced globally. It is widely practiced by chiropractors as well physiotherapy specialists. Reflexology is focused on the above-mentioned parts because they have special nerves that correspond to most of the essential body organs and systems.


Mode of Operation

The experts who make use of this treatment method depend largely on foot charts. This helps them focus on the most sensitive parts, thus saving on time for their clients.

The pressure is applied by use of the hands as well as rubber bands. Some will even use a pile of wood to initiate the sensation. The duration of treatment varies according to the needs of the client.



Reflexology is administered on clients showing signs of intense pain. In this case, clients suffering from terminal medical conditions such as cancer will get a much needed momentary relief. Patients with back pains, on the other hand, are assured a long lasting solution. It is advisable that people who have used painkillers for long without success consider this treatment.

Reflexology offers an effective remedy against bladder-related problems as well. This implies that people with problems such as uncontrolled passage of urine will have a permanent solution.


Similarly, it remains the best option for the feminine population during painful menses. It also helps during pregnancy. Expectant mothers strive to have access to this treatment prior to the final phase of pregnancy. This is because it reduces the intense pressure on the feet and legs. This gives them easy time during delivery.

In addition, reflexology helps cure those with difficulties in digestion. It is believed that reflexes emanating from the point of touch, such as the feet, will stimulate the muscles of the digestive tract. By adopting this method, digestion challenges such as hemorrhoid become completely controlled.

Life is full of hardships and disappointments. This is known to have a negative psychological impact on some people. As a result, they will become stressed out. Fortunately, stress can be managed with this ancient and effective method.

Reflexology is also an effective treatment for insomniacs. Once they have gone through it, they are assured the beauty of deep sleep that comes with wonderful dreams.

To top it all off, reflexology, unlike other conventional methods of treatment, does not necessitate a referral by a doctor. This means that any person can freely access this healthy treatment, provided they are willing and can afford it. It does not rely on laboratory tests, hence can be performed at any convenient time. The client doesn’t even need to carry clinic cards or medical notes to sessions.

Reflexology is highly compatible with other forms of treatment. As a result, it is widely used to enhance wellness and re-energize the body.


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